Recreation Ministry

Leisure is an important part of human life.  Rest and play are necessary for human well being.  Our recreation ministry involves social events and sporting activities.    These events help us to step back from the business of life and do something playful and enjoyable.  Sporting events teach us valuable life lessons about fairness and graciousness and help build moral character.

Our goal is more than simply having fun.  The goal is to create a spiritual openness within the heart of the participants allowing space for God to speak to us

During basketball season, we currently sponsor a high school boys team. 

We run 6 weeks of volleyball in the spring and fall.  During the summer and fall we sponsor softball for men, women and a co-ed team.  Signups for these teams will be in the spring.  

Walkers Club: Our gym is open each morning from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. for walkers only.  A sign in sheet and lap counters are provided to record your progress.  

During most days you may see the gym being used by the preschool or a group coming to shoot basketball or play soccer.  The scouting program uses the gym, especially in inclement weather.  It is suggested that church members contact the church office to check the schedule for gym availability before coming to play. 

Outside groups are allowed using the following standard.  

Use of Gym Facilities by Outside Groups: Reservations for all usage, including our own sponsored groups must be made through church office personnel to be placed on the church calendar. Outside groups using St. Mark’s gym facilities must complete a Request for Use of Building Form.  All groups would be expected to abide by the Gym Rules.  

Outside groups may use the gym on a one-time basis when no church activities are occurring.  Outside groups may not reserve space prior to 60 days in advance.  Church activities and program take precedent over outside activities.   Maximum rental time is 4 hours.   Groups will be responsible for clean up after their event and for any physical damage to the building and contents.  Per our Gym Rules, food is not allowed in the gym.  

Outside groups will be charged fees based on the chart below:


Basic Use of the Gym Monday - Thursday $25 per hour
Use of Gym Friday or Saturday $25 per hour + $50 custodial fee
 Use of Banquet Room in conjunction with Gym  $50
 Overnight groups using Gym only  $50 flat rate
 Overnight groups using Gym plus Banquet Room  $75
 Custodial setup and tear down  $50
 Use of sound system  $50

The Definition of “outside group” is any group that is asking to use the gym (even when a church member is in charge) if the group or event is not directly related to a program of the church.  Those requesting use of the gym should complete the request form.


Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors